Sublet Policy


Hauser Properties LLC Sublet Policy

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There are two subletting options:

Option 1-

1.  You agree to be responsible for the re-rental of your own apartment. For example, you place your own ads, take phone calls and show the apartment. The person that you find must fill out an application and be approved by Hauser Properties LLC.

2.  The cost for processing a rental application is $75. This is a one time cost that covers all application checks until an applicant is accepted. To process an application, this signed form plus the $75 processing fee, along with the completed application and earnest money ($150) must be returned to our office at 849 E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53703. We will not process an application until we receive both the $75 processing fee and the signed Sublet policy form.

3.  When a potential renter is found, an application must be completed and delivered to our office. Make sure that the application is filled out completely and correctly. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The earnest money of $150 must also accompany the application. The following information must also be agreed to in writing by the tenant(s) and potential subletor(s): starting date and end date (if different than current lease) of sublet, amount of rent to be paid each month by each party, name of person(s) to be responsible for security deposit during sublet, and any other agreements made between the two parties regarding the sublet.

4.  If an application is not approved, you will need to continue your search for a renter until an acceptable applicant is found. We advise you to take applications until the lease is signed. A new lease will be drawn up or the applicant will sign onto your current lease, depending on the length of the balance of the lease term and the strength of the applicant.

Option 2 -

1.  You hire Hauser Properties LLC for re-rental of your apartment. We will take phone calls, place ads (at your cost) and show the apartment. Until the apartment is re-rented, you are still responsible for the balance of the lease term.

2.  The cost of this option is 1/2 of one month's rent. This fee must be sent to Hauser Properties LLC with this signed form. We will not begin the re-rental process until this signed form and the 1/2 month fee is received in our office. Please make your check payable to Hauser Properties.

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