Application Procedure


It is our goal to maintain an enjoyable environment in all of our properties. To accomplish this, we carefully screen all applicants before we rent to him or her. This page is just a summery of the procedure we follow. Applicants are encouraged to contact us with specific questions about the process.


Application Standards

1. Each adult applicant (18 yrs of age or older) must completely fill out an application. If it is incomplete, we will notify the applicant that it will not be processed until completed. If any information on the application is false or withheld, the application will be immediately denied. All applications must include the following: Full legal name of applicant(s), names of all persons to occupy the apartment (including children), present address (including the name and phone number of the unit manager/owner), income information (source, amount and party to contact for verification), driver's license information, and the signature of the applicant. We strongly encourage all applicants to include their social security number as well to insure accurate information is obtained.

2. We use a monthly income guideline of three times the monthly rent in our screening process. On the application, we will ask you to list all income that you wish to have considered as a part of your monthly income. Income includes, but is not limited to: salaries, health benefits, government assistance (e.g. disability, AFDC payments), pensions, interest income, alimony, child support and financial aid. We currently do not work with the Section 8 program. If an applicant does not meet our income guidelines but can document similar, successful rental payments, the application will still be considered provided the applicant still meets our other requirements.

3. Applicants must have a successful rental history and rent payment history. If the applicant has been evicted from a previous apartment during the last two years due to non-payment of rent or other reasons, your application will not be accepted. Exceptions may be made when an applicant can document that they were evicted because of a roommate's failure to pay rent, and all of the applicant's obligations were met. If a previous/current landlord reports that during the past two years there was behavior that included causing a disturbance, threatening other persons, damaging an apartment, or other reasons, your application may be rejected.


Information Checked for Every Application

1. We verify income amounts. Applicants who are self-employed will be asked to submit the previous two years' tax returns for verification.

2. We check references from at least one landlord (previous and/or current) to determine an applicant's rent payment history and behavior. The applicant must have a minimum of 24 months of rental history. Individual who have owned their own home will be asked to provide verification of mortgage from their lender.

3. We check a credit report, as it relates to total debts, rent, utility payments, and judgments against the applicant. We will check the credit report of all applicants.

4. Co-signors may be required in cases where an applicant has insufficient rental history, insufficient income and/or no credit history.


To Keep Our Apartments Safe and Pleasant, Please Review Our Rules

To view a complete list of Rules and Regulations and any other lease addendum, please stop by our office. We also have this information posted on our web site: Leases and Addendums Section. Failure to observe these rules or the rules in our lease and/or addendums may result in eviction.

All renters are responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests. Any damage caused by a guest will be the responsibility of the renter.

Application Process

1. Submit the completed application along with $150 earnest money deposit to our office at 849 E. Washington Ave., OR fax the application and a copy of the earnest money check to our office at (608) 441-6924. If the application is faxed, the applicant must mail the earnest money check for $150 on the same day. The $150 earnest money check will be deposited into the owner's account immediately. If your application is accepted, the full earnest money will be applied to your security deposit. If your application is accepted and you do not sign the lease agreement, you may forfeit part or all of the earnest money. If the application is denied or the applicant(s) choose to withdraw the application(s) before it has been approved, the full earnest money will be returned.

2. When we receive more than one application for the same apartment, we will review both applications and accept the more qualified applicant.

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